Global Web Concept Terms & Conditions of Trade


We’ve tried to keep our terms and conditions pertinent, vibrant, and easy to understand for a busy people like you. Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions.

Communications with Global Web Concept

The majority of designer/client communication is normally via email, with assists all parties to keep track of correspondence. Global Web Concept will not take design instruction or changes via telephone.

All work requests must be in clear, concise writing, via email or written proposal. This means that “The Client” and Global Web Concept can look back over emails for clarification if needed.

Client revisions should be, to avoid any confusion, in a single document or email (if possible), in a legible, easy to understand manner Changes sent through in 10 different emails in a disorganized or hard to understand manner will result in confusion on both sides.


Global Web Concept Creative Solutions is referred to as Global Web Concept, We, Us, Our.

The Client is referred to as The Client, You, Your.

Our Responsibilities

Global Web Concept commits to:

  1. Provide the client website design, development, graphic design and website hosting services that perform the functions detailed under the agreed package and additional functionality sections of the project information.
  2. To perform all services in a timely, professional manner.
  3. To respond to all client queries in a timely and professional manner.
  4. To provide a quote or estimate, before undertaking any additional work required to complete the website that has not been agreed on and stated in the project information.
  5. To employ our best efforts to remedy any functional issues after the website is built.

Your Responsibilities

Website design is a collaborative effort. As a client, you commit to:

  1. Promptly reply to our requests for logos, branding, images, write-ups and other information we require to complete your website.
  2. Follow our instructions relating to the formats we require, so we can work with it effectively.
  3. Promptly respond to our requests for feedback and approval of design concepts.
  4. Ensure any employee or agent of your company dealing with us is authorized to make decisions relating to the website, on behalf of your company.
  5. Be responsible for making Global Web Concept fully aware of their website functionality requirements prior to commencing their project. The client must ensure these requirements are listed in the project information under the package functionality, or quoted under the additional functionality. Global Web Concept will not be obligated to undertake any additional functionality requests that are not listed in the project information. If additional functionality requirements come to hand after the project has commenced, and they are within the technical scope of Global Web Concept ability, they will be quoted on and agreed to before work on these aspects will commence.

Website Design & Development

  1. Your website will be based on the design detailed feature and website functions as agreed by both parties in the project proposal. Any change in website feature and functions after the project is under way will incur an additional charge.
  2. Included with your website package, your website concept can be revised up to three times if necessary. If any further revisions are required, these will be done in a separate project proposal.
  3. Once the design concept is approved, any irrelevant additional design changes needed, additional functionality or programming tasks, will be done in a separate job contract or agreement. Approval of Project Proposal can be made verbally or in writing.
  4. Once the website has been built, you will be able to log-in and begin to add content to the website through the Content Management System (CMS). Alternatively, if you prefer, you may provide us with your content to load for you during the development process. Late submission of website content and write-ups may result to delay of our service with. If the client fails to submit content and write-ups for their website, we provide a temporary content like: images and write-ups which may be risky to the client due to copyright ownership online.
  5. Your website will function correctly on all of the latest versions of the most popular web browsers provided all relevant technologies are installed. Popular browsers are Internet Explorer, Firefox/Mozilla, Chrome and Safari. Internet Explorer versions 6 and 7 are not supported. The appearance of your site may differ slightly from browser to browser, due to the way the browsers render content. You’re website is fully optimized and responsive for all users regardless of whether they’re using a phone, tablet, computer, or other devices, which means you don’t need to have a separate website for mobile users. The back-end of your website (CMS) is guaranteed to work correctly on all browsers.
  6. Global Web Concept takes no responsibility whatsoever for issues relating to copyright infringement based on text, images or any other material provided to us, and will act on the instruction of the client. It is the client’s responsibility to take reasonable steps to ensure the content they provide is not under copyright. If it is found that we have been supplied with materials under copyright and are instructed by court authority to take the content down, we will of course comply. The client will absorb all costs related to copyright infringement, including development time to comply with court requests.
  7. If you wish to integrate any third party software with your website, Global Web Concept takes no responsibility whatsoever for issues relating to the suitability, functionality, or compatibility of that software with the website. You will not expect Global Web Concept to perform any third party software integration as part of their service.
  8. All photography and graphics for the website are to be supplied by the client at the client’s expense. Any photography or graphics already in the template can be included free of charge.
  9. Global Web Concept will provide a tool for Search Engine Optimization on the Client website but Global Web Concept is not responsible for obtaining listings for your website on Google, or other search engines, this is something that the Client will work on after the project completion based on our strategy and recommendations. If the Client want us to perform the complete process in ranking a site, we can help you through our SEO services in a reasonable price, a separate quote and contract shall be made thereafter. Your website will also not have a perfect W3C Validation coding rating. W3C validation is not important as long as the website function to the fullest.
  10. Every Enterprise Package Website comes with drop down menu buttons or mega menu buttons depending only with the number of pages required per Menu based on the Client requirements. When you add a sub page in the CMS, these will appear automatically under your menu tabs. The sub-menu be stylized to your font size and color options. Due to our volume structure, we’ve found it most efficient and effective to work remotely with all our foreign clients regardless of their location. The client understands and accepts that all communication with Global Web Concept will be of a remote nature (chat, screen sharing and email).
  11. The website design will be based around the Client idea and submitted design inspirations. For Basic, Brochure type or Informational Websites (versus E-commerce) the design will be used as a starting point is to create the front end or Homepage design only. Client website will include but not limited to, search boxes, content layouts, image galleries and online forms. The content area and functions of the Client website will be integrated with the Back-end Admin Panel – Content Management System (CMS) as most of other websites do.
  12. The background of the site will appear differently from computer to computer, based on the resolution that is set. Our websites are optimized to show on the majority of computers with no scroll bar appearing, forcing the viewer to scroll left and right. Computers with a resolution less than 1024px by 768px will unavoidably show a scroll bar. The maximum resolution catered to is 1920px by 1080px. This is usually achieved by using one background image. Upon request, we can have a repeating background pattern instead, which helps with load speed but does not allow for as much design flexibility.
  13. Colors differ from computer to computer, based on individual visitors’ color and monitor settings. Likewise, colors may appear differently when viewed on mobile devices.
  14. Fonts may appear differently from browser to browser, based on browser settings, computer settings, or due to limitations of the browsers themselves.

Website Hosting

  1. Global Web Concept Website Hosting and Domain registration are Optional service only, the Client will purchase these services within the scope of our recommendations from the reliable Web Hosting and Domain leading provider nationwide or worldwide. Domain names and Web Hosting information shall be submitted to us before the project starts.
  2. In case the Client will avail our Optional Website hosting and Domain registration this will be charged at the price quoted in the project information, paid annually by Direct Debit, in advance via bank transfer or any other payment options. Non-payment of web design services or web hosting fees may result in the suspension of your hosting account until payment is made.
  3. Included with this service, you will also receive Content Management Support, if you need guidance or help updating your website in the future. You’ll receive this support free of charge for up to 2 hours per month, and Php250 or US$5 per hour thereafter. If you wish your site content and write-ups need to be updated in a regularly basis you can make as do the work by providing you our Content Management Update services for Php2,500 or US$60 per month, the services include: update content such us images, write-ups and other relevant information provided by the client, make weekly ads for social media marketing like Facebook and twitter.
  4. Website hosting payments will begin once the design concept is approved, and the website gets loaded on the server for coding. Yearly billing of website hosting payment shall be send via email 2 months before the anniversary date which the website server gets loaded.
  5. A copy of your website’s front-end can be provided on request, to provide added security and peace of mind in the unlikely event that Global Web Concept was unable to continue hosting the website. As the CMS ‘lives’ on Global Web Concept server, we can give a copy of the CMS on request, but we can’t give FTP or template access to the site.
  6. Client disk space and bandwidth usage is unlimited but limited only to one domain.
  7. Global Web Concept will make all reasonable efforts to ensure website loading speed and up-time is at optimum levels, but will not be held liable by the client for issues relating to server performance or website functionality.
  8. Requests to cancel web hosting and/or domain name registration services must be made in writing. Simply asking for a UDAI code will not cancel your hosting and domain payments. Payments will continue until written notice from the registered name and email is received. We give the access to the full back-up of the website if in case the client will cancel web hosting but it is not our obligation to install the full back-up of your website to your new host.
  9. None of Global Web Concept sites have SSL (Secure Socket Layer) capability at the site’s domain name. SSL is an added security protocol that some e-commerce websites use to guarantee that credit card information won’t be exposed over the Internet. There are two reasons why we don’t support SSL. First and foremost, to use SSL correctly, a certificate needs to be purchased and configured, which is very expensive. Secondly, because we do not handle credit card details on any of our sites directly. In other words, all credit card transactions go through a third party system (like PayPal or DPS) so the credit card information is never in danger of being exposed.
  10. Our websites are hosted on shared VPS servers used by Global Web Concept clients only. This allows us to keep control of server load. On rare occasions we build sites that need to be able to handle extremely large volumes of traffic. Examples of such sites are highly publicized expos or ticketing websites, that require a lot of visits in one time. A shared platform is not appropriate for these kinds of sites (at management’s discretion). We have a responsibility to all our clients to keep server load to a reasonable level. For extremely high volume sites, during peak volume months we require them to use Content Delivery Network (CDN) technology, which essentially caches the website in a delivery network all around the world, and across Philippines. This dramatically reduces page load time and bandwidth. Google uses this technology, as does Global Web Concept. Involved costs are Php 5, 500 or $125 per year if needed. This is only required in extreme circumstances where one website is disadvantaging others on the server.
  11. Support for your website hosting and email will be available to you during our usual working hours, Monday to Saturday, 9am to 5pm.

Payment Terms

  1. All prices quoted are excluding GST.
  2. Before beginning your project, a 50% deposit of the design package price is required. This deposit is non-refundable as it covers the fees in development of your site CMS, Web Design and Content management.
  3. The remaining 50% of the design package payment will be invoiced when the site is built and go live over the net. Note this is not the phase, which will occur once the content loaded.
  4. Project Completion shall be stated together in a proposal agreement letter based on the scope of the project or based on email conversation with an agreed scope of work, price quotation and payment method. We mostly deliver project completion in less than three weeks.
  5. In extreme cases of continued non-payment, we reserve the right to engage our collections to obtain outstanding funds, and suspend the web and domain hosting as well as required files for submission to the client shall be put on-hold until remaining balance is cleared. In such cases, the client will pay any associated collection costs.
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